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Welcome To The Bensington Society Website

The Bensington Society is a Registered Small Charity

President: George Verdon

Honourary Vice President: David McGill

Chairman: Martyn Spence

The Bensington Society is affiliated to

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), The Chiltern Society  and Oxford Local History Association(OHLA).

The Purpose of the Society

The Society is established for the benefit of the public in the area comprising the Parish of Benson, including the hamlets of Preston Crowmarsh, Roke, Rokemarsh, and RAF Benson, hereafter referred to as “the benefit area”.


  • To stimulate public interest in matters of concern.

  • To promote high standards of planning and architecture.

  • To secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest.

  • To promote and support research into the history of the benefit area.

  • To promote, protect and improve the visual and physical environment.

  • To promote the improvement of the benefit area by associating with the local authorities, voluntary organisations and inhabitants in a common effort to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation.


In order to carry out the charitable purposes, the Society has the power to:


  • Raise funds, receive grants and donations.

  • Apply funds to carry out the work of the charity.

  • Co-operate with and support other charities with similar purposes.

  • Do anything which is lawful and necessary to achieve the purposes.

Aims of the Society in the Benefit Area
Carrying Out the Purposes 
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